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Own Varieties

Artemisia capillaris

Annual cut and specimen flower, ideal embellishment for floristry. Very robust against diseases and insects.

A-588 Green feather, long upright dark green stems, height up to 90 cm.


Antirrhinum majus

Giant bouquet
Greenhouse and outdoor cultivation, very floriferous, height 50 – 60 cm.

A-341 Giant bouquet White
A-342 Giant bouquet Golden yellow
A-344 Giant bouquet Pink
A-347 Giant bouquet Scarlet
A-350 Giant bouquet Splendor mixed


Callistephus chinensis Standy

Height 70 - 80 cm
Even flowers with a diameter of 5 – 6 cm
Upright growth
Flower shape: thick labiate crest with a piped middle
Extremely high resistance level against Verticillium and Fusarium

C-182 Standy Cream white
C-184 Standy Light pink
C-186 Standy Salmon pink
C-187 Standy Pink
C-188 Standy Carmine/White
C-190 Standy Dark pink
C-195 Standy Light blue
C-197 Standy Dark blue
C-191 Standy Red
C-193 Standy Carmine red
C-200 Standy Mixed


Heliotropium arborescens

Annual bedding plant for sunny sites.

H-234 Mini Marin, deep blue flowers, large closed umbels, harmonious composition, compact, height 30 cm.


Myosotis sylvatica

Biennial bedding and cut plant for sunny sites.

M-669 Wallufer cut, bright sky-blue, large flowers, nicely branching, height 40 cm. Best blue variety for the cut production.


Viola wittrockiana early spring

Earliest hardy pansy!
Mid-florid, richly blooming, compact, height 15 – 20 cm.

V-153 Early spring White with blotch
V-157 Early spring Yellow with blotch
V-159 Early spring Red-brown hues
V-173 Early spring Blue white
V-180 Early spring Mixed


Panicum virgatum

Z-751 Fontaine, delicate attractive panicles, which greatly appeal to the floristry, golden brown degreening, height 60 cm

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